We hold two club ploughing matches each year.

Trophy Winners 2021
Horse – B. Duncan 251pts
10 Inch Mounted Class – D. Veitch 283pts
12 Inch Mounted Class – R. Napier 243pts
Symington Skimmer Novice – G. Young 197pts
Horticultural Class – T. Tweedie 280pts
The Jimmy Walker Trailing Trophy – R. Smart 309pts
Ian Nicol Memorial Shield – R. Smart 309pts
Overall Runner up – E. Bennie 297.5pts
Overall Winner – R. Smart 309pts

Results from the second FVAMC ploughing match which took place on Sunday 21st November 2021 at Inch Farm, Pittenweem.

Horse Class: 1st B. Duncan 127 points
Horticultural Class: 1st T. Tweedie 136 points, 2nd G. Harrison 132 points
12″ Class: 1st C. Manson 126 points, 2nd J. Rennie 118 points, 3rd J. Rodger 112 points
Novice Class: 1st G.Young 115 points, 2nd R. Issac 99 points, 3rd A. Stephen 93 points
Trailing Class: 1st R. Smart 157 points, 2nd E. Bennie 148.5 points, 3rd G. Melville 133 points
10″ Class: 1st W. Grieve 148 points, 2nd D. Veitch 145 points, 3rd= J. Flemming 139 points, 3rd= R. Phillips 139 points

Results from the 1st ploughing match, Sunday 3rd October 2021, Wester Newburn, Upper Largo .

10’’ 1st Bill Veitch 138 points 2nd Dave McCulloch 135 points 3rd Alan Ramsay Snr 131 points. 12’’ 1st W Grieve (Snr) 134 points 2nd Ron Napier 132 points 3rd John Rodger 124 points Trailing 1st Raymond Smart 152 Points 2nd Ed Bennie 149 points 3rd Alan Brown 127 points Horse 1st Benny Duncan 124 points Horticultural 1st Tom Tweedie 144 points

Congratulations to all. A huge thanks to all who helped set up, take down & all who attended.

Results from the October 2018 ploughing match at Dairsie Mains:
Horse: 1st B.Duncan
Horticultural: 1st T.Tweedie, 2nd G.Shearer, 3rd J.Law
Trailing: 1st E.Bennie, 2nd R.Smart, 3rd E.Proctor
10″: 1st J.P.McIndoe, 2nd J.Fleming, 3rd R.Philips
Novice: 1st R.Issac, 2nd G.Young
12″ 1st J.Hamilton, 2nd I.Milne, 3rd B.Blyth